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why leasing ?

1. Reduce spending and tax advantage

Both capital and operating expense can be reduced with IT outsourcing services. Acquisition of a lump sum of IT equipment could be a pain to the customers, as it required an enormous amount of cash to invest in it. By leasing the IT equipment, the cost will be spread into several years and solve the problem of budget constraint while procuring the technology need for your business. By outsourcing IT services, it makes cost predictable with a contract specifying a fixed amount for monthly charges. 


By leasing IT equipment, we can provide a highly skilled IT team assisting you to manage all your IT equipment without a full-fledged IT department. As a result, this will also help your business in reducing the cost of hiring a large number of IT technicians and also mitigate your operating expense. 

2. More options, more flexibility 

Our leasing service provides a flexible plan for the client in order to match their business needs. In DoctorPC, we offer long term, short term and also event leasing for different industry and business in order to achieve their objectives. 


At the end of the leasing contract term, we offer a range of options for our customers whether returning the equipment, extend the leasing periods with new equipment or purchase to own the equipment at the prevailing fair market value. 

3. Tax advantage

In addition, the leasing option allows the client to expense their rental payment, which is categorized as a tax-deductible item. This will provide a potential amount of tax relief and without the need in capitalising and depreciating assets accordingly. 

4. Performance efficiency 

It is not practical to be a jack of all trades. Outsourcing let you focus on your core business while we will focus on what will serve you and your business the best. In addition, with our support and guaranteed service level agreements that can go beyond what your internal operations team could provide. This will help you get more works done with lesser operation issues. 

In general, leasing provides more benefits to the business in carrying out their business activities and achieve their objectives. 

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